Another day on planet Earth.

AX-24 Typewriter and Gouache on washpad, 2019

You’ve likely heard me say it before, or have seen it pressed through the beloved keys of my typewriter, but if it’s your first look at the phrase, let me introduce the sentiment. ‘Another day on planet Earth’ is a statement with every possibility on the other side. Every emotion is at hand and such feeling creates the perception, as if to say, the belief about the statement (which might change regularly) forms the outcome of the experience, just for today.

On a morning where my waking moments are spent tuning in to Al Jazeera on YouTube I feel a degree of unrelenting density, an emotional empathy that swallows me completely, sometimes into tears. But it is true. This is Earth experiencing itself through man and woman with the silent grip of gravity and the callus of generational greed. Another day on planet Earth.

If I open my eyes to see my lover sleeping peacefully in the crevices of dawn, such sweetness is this new day, permissible by a force I cannot observe physically, but still absorb completely. Two realities, near and far, both stripped of likelihood, both gambles of an opportunity I can not otherwise afford. 

‘Another day on planet Earth’ is a call to presence, to witness thought and to be with it, however it comes today. It is not written to cast an idea out, it simply is what you feel it to be, and so it is.

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