The need for silence.

Noise is first and foremost a sound, by definition, yet here in the 21st century a case could be made that noise is also perpetuated in image, moving and still. In the 20s, noise could be redefined as a persistent and endless vie for ones attention through digital stimulus. It is an extension of our hand, an accessory of the thumb. Noise is at our fingertips.

Do you too find yourself yearning for the spontaneity of thought? Accompanied by the grand score of nature or the predictable hum of a city? To be alone, but not disconnected… To feel spacious yet moored to reality… I do, and so I’m gifting it to myself, seen as it’s a choice. An option. Available. I’ve hit refresh on my relationship with social platforms, namely Instagram and Facebook for 365 days. I have disappeared, deactivated, left. Today was day one officially but I gave myself a two week warm up, after all a ‘93 baby is going to have trouble getting off the zuck teet. We’re the original demographic.

In this introductory run up I equipped myself with books and notes about how I could add to my life story, not the image-based one that dissolves every 24 hours. One to-do; the treacherous but necessary task of cleaning up photos, apps, emails, subscriptions— a full digital audit. It’s startling how much time one has for such tasks when not meandering through the curated haze of social media. And (!) I’m onto my third physical book.. taking the opportunity to read in the waiting periods of a day where I would have otherwise mindlessly scrolled through someone else’s…

If you are subscribed or checking in to this blog you will get intermittent updates on a life lived slowly from a remote point of Western Australia, a small town lined by the Indian Ocean called Hopetoun. You will observe, and can respond to, reflections on writers, recipes, nature, design and thoughts on this unlikely world we find ourselves in. Of note, Simone Weil (1904-1943) will make some appearances because there’s good reason to keep the truth seekers of the past alive. In the meantime, I will leave you with a PDF copy of The Need for Roots if you’d like to get up to speed on the angel that was, and for some of us, still is.

Who knows how often I will get on here, only time will show. Will anyone read along this far…? Not sure, not bothered. The focus of this project is attuned to the desires of becoming, becoming in the way I imagine I could be, inspired by the natural coincidences of life — which is not marketable because it is free and inherent because this world (and us) are akin to magic, we just have to look for it in the right places.

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

Simone Weil

6 responses to “The need for silence.”

  1. This is magic ❤️


    1. I hope to read posts by you one day my fellow writer and friend 💌


  2. inspired as always reading your words my sweet friend x


    1. Let’s write one another ASAP X


  3. […] the first of January, I settled on the need for silence. I was working on Instagram in a freelance capacity and viewing it socially. At any moment I could […]


  4. […] Leaving the social media world for all of 2022 began as an experiment to give myself back time and it’s byproduct, attention. I wrote more about that idea on 1/1/22 in The need for silence. […]


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