Kevin Rudd’s little book about big change.

Despite the long, arduous, and downright dramatic (a group of sixty 12-year-olds on a bus for 40 hours) journey to Parliament House in grade 7. Yes, despite that box tick by the school to ‘educate’ us on Australian politics in half of a day, I still had no idea who, what, and why to vote when I turned 18. I was so unsure about the process and consequences that it took me three years to even sign up to vote. Alas in time, with friends like Kate Austin, who we fondly nickname ‘your local member’, an education was bequeathed.

Perhaps this lack of understanding and guidance in childhood allowed for me to see all sides, explore more about who’s backing who and why. The most recent discovery in this way is K. Rudd’s ‘The Case for Courage’. I’ve most enjoyed his straightforward intel on what the likes of Murdoch and Morrison are up to, along with the challenges we face in measures of global security, climate leadership, and the future of pandemics.

Of course, he leans hard in the direction of labor, but such veils of left and right disintegrate when it comes down to competence. I’m not here to get into politics, I only seek transparent intelligence in the direction of good. That’s not to say that either party presents a leader capable of such a task, but Kevin ’07 is keen, at least, to open up the conversation about matters that affect us all, and will do even more so with the unfoldment of time.

This little book, only about 1cm thick packs in so much insight that I can’t help but recommend that you spend the $20 to just have a skim.

While we’re here, a notable mention to Turnbull (miss him). He’s Andrew Forrest’s side kick now, so not only is he likely allowed to make more change for good than he was allowed to as PM, his intelligence is likely respected in his job. Amazing. How long since the great sudden change is it? August 2018 you say? Goodness.. Scott Morrison is the longest serving Prime Minister since John Howard…

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