13 art classes in Hopetoun.

When the virus first hit I left Melbourne (a short term plan turned indefinite), and stayed with family in Palm Beach, Queensland. Our neighbours were home-schooling their kids. One family that was good friends with ours had an enthusiasm for art, and needed to leave the house, so I started teaching them simple techniques by the beach. It was a calming and rewarding experience and it was then I realised I’d like to teach more kids art.

Fast forward 18 months to living in Hopetoun, Western Australia.

These days it’s less calming but still rewarding. I am a freelancer contracted by the Regional Arts Council, Rave About Arts, and their program ‘ARTitude’. Each week, on a Tuesday, two classes span the afternoon. One is for kids between 4-8 followed by another for those aged 8-14.

Here’s a snap shot of what we’ve done so far.. starting with the little ones.

Ocean inspired treasure tins
Crayon rubbings of native local leaves
With a side of research
Still Life
Air dry clay Picasso’s
Then we painted them the next week
Life size portraits
Symmetrical papers sculptures

Now to the older bunch of Matisses in the making..

Watercolour blob characters
Half & Half technique, drawing in what you can’t see
Suminagashi — Japanese floating ink
Modigliani style portraits
Framed and wrapped for Mother’s Day
Plant heads

I’m facilitating an open day in the holidays where high school youth will learn this birds eye view watercolour technique. You could try it at home too, check out this link — https://youtu.be/J-LDUK-XhRM

Ciao for now x

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